QwikSwitch 4 Button wireless light switch (QS-T-4)

Regular price R 575.00

• Mount the QwikSwitch receiver to any flush mount surface.
• Front face can be removed to change the battery.
• Link up to 30 QwikSwitch Receivers to each button. Ie. 30-way switching hit one button and light up your whole house.
• LED battery low indicator.

• 4 button transmitter.
• Input supply - 1 x CR2032 Battery (Up to 2 years battery life).
• Form Factor - Moulded casing - 80mm (w) x 126mm (L) x 10mm (H).
• Radio frequency - 868 Mhz.
• Range - 30m through walls and floors, 100m line of sight.
• Repeaters available if needed to boost the radio transmission(QS-T-REP).
• Unique button identification.
• Transmitter can link to any QwikSwitch receiver.
• Will fit over any existing light switch (2 x 4 box).