QwikSwitch WiFi Bridge (QS-WIFI-BRIDGE)

Regular price R 840.00

Connects QwikSwitch devices to the internet.

Use your PC or App to remotely control your devices in your home or office.

Connecting to your existing WiFi router with a WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) connection, making switching and monitoring easy and effective.

Look for the WPS logo on your router to make sure it supports this security standard.

Allows remote control of your QwikSwitch devices from your smart phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere.

Our new WiFi Bridge is compatible with all our current switching and monitoring devices.

LED Indication light: On power up the LED light will be visible above the logo. It will cycle through the status colours as indicated below.

• Red - Offline
• Purple - No internet
• Blue - Online

Installation manual
Connection without WPS

Download our Android app for full control